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Family history research in Scotland is made easier by the additional information included in Scottish records.

Birth, marriage and death certificates date from 1855.

Birth certificates include the child's name, sex, date, time and place of birth, mother's full name and maiden name, the father's full name and occupation, whether the parents are married and, if so, the date and place of the marriage; and the name and address of the person registering the birth.

A marriage record shows the date and place of the marriage, the couple's names, ages, and occupations; the mother's maiden name, marital status, current address, and the names and occupations of the couple's fathers.

Death records show the name, age, place and cause of death, the occupation of the deceased; the name and address of the person reporting the death. In addition, in Scotland the records show the spouse's name, the father's name, and the mother's maiden name.

It is difficult to think of anything the Scottish authorites have omitted! This wealth of information should mean researching the family history of Scots back to 1855 is relatively straightforward.

Copies are held at New Register House, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH1 3YT.There is a wealth of information, much of it free, at,including birth and marriage records between 1855-1898 and deaths to 1924; parochial records from 1553-1854, and the 1891 census. The data, drawn from the Society of Genealogists records, are a goldmine of information.

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