Family History Software To Help
Build Your Family Tree

There are a number of online sites offering family history software that will help you to build your family tree. Although most are US based, remember that about 80% of US citizens can trace their genealogy back to the UK or Ireland, so these sites have UKcontent that you should find useful in the research of your family history. A UK site with separate databases of birth, marriage and death records for England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland. Data is drawn from The Society of Genealogists. Eventually you will need family tree software. You may not think this is necessary at first, but remember the number of people you will be researching increases exponentially as you go back generations: 2 parents grows to 4 grandparents, then 8 great-grandparents. It won't be long before the number tops 100, especially if you want to include brothers and sisters. Essential if you want to provide copies of your family history to other members of your family. The basic version is FREE. One of the 'big two', offers many databases of birth, marriage and death records and software to aid your research. The other big one, similar to An ambitious project to link individual family trees in to one big one. Add your twig and see if someone else's family history research overlaps with yours. FREE 7 day trial.